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Dongguan Baiwang Electrical Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and related technical support and services of cooling fans, electronic transformers, aluminum alloy die castings and metal stamping parts. From product development to production, the company keeps innovating. Seeking a qualitative leap, the company has a good ability to develop new products, complete sets of production equipment and advanced production technology, strict quality management. The company has always won the trust of customers with the concept of product quality assurance and customer first. Professional manufacturer of brushless AC and DC radiators can design various power fans according to customer needs, and the fan has low noise, large air volume and long service life. Our company produces all kinds of electronic transformers, rectifiers, external (AC/DCandEC) power supply, all kinds of high and intermediate frequency transformers and singular transformers. The company has rich experience in producing aluminium alloy die castings and metal stamping parts. The aluminium alloy die castings can be polished and plated without pits, watermarks, bubbles, sand holes, oxidizable, precise size of castings, smooth surface, precise thickness of stamping materials, smooth surface, uniform yield strength and no obvious direction. The company has senior R&D personnel who can develop, design specifications and related control systems to meet customer requirements, providing customers with faster and more satisfactory service. Products are widely used in electronic products, household appliances, communication equipment, industrial control systems, medical equipment and other fields. The products are advanced in technology and reliable in quality.


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